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Council Allotment – Tenancy Rules and Regulations – November 2019

Ash Parish Council – Allotment Tenancy Rules and Regulations – November 2019

  1. The Tenant must observe the Rules and Regulations that the Council may make or revise for the management of the Allotment Site.
  2. All Tenants must reside in the Parish of Ash and be registered on the Electoral Register. Tenants must inform the Council immediately of any change in the Tenants address, or other contact details.
  3. The Tenant shall keep their allotment plot clean, free from weeds, tidy with no accumulation of rubbish, including tyres, and in a good state of cultivation, with the plot being at least 50% cultivated at all times.  Cultivation means at least 50% of the plot being dug over, planted and used.  A Tenant shall not allow any part of the allotment plot to be waste. 
  4. Allotment plots will be regularly inspected by Council Officers.  Where an allotment plot is found to be in an unsatisfactory state, written warning of termination of tenancy shall be given to the Tenant.  The Tenant shall be allowed four weeks to remedy the situation before termination procedures are enforced.  If the Tenant does not agree with the termination process, an appeal must be made within 7 working days to Ash Parish Council.
  5. An allotment plot must be used only for the purpose of growing vegetables, flowers and bushes, but not by way of trade or business.
  6. The Tenant shall not cause any nuisance or annoyance to the occupier of any other allotment plot, or obstruct any path set out by the Council for the use of the occupiers of the allotment site. No carpets, carpet underlay or tyres are allowed on the allotment site.
  7. The Tenant shall not underlet, assign or part with possession of the allotment plot or any part thereof without the written permission of Ash Parish Council.
  8. All Tenants are responsible for the security of the site.  The gates have been installed to prevent fly tipping, anti social behaviour and thefts from the allotments.  The entrance gate must be kept shut at all times. 
  9. The last tenant to leave is responsible for ensuring the gate is locked behind them.. If unsure as to whether you are the last person leaving the site always lock the gate behind you.  At the Shawfield Road allotment site after passing through the gate always rotate the padlock code dials so that the opening code is NEVER displayed.
  10. Any Tenant who gives a key (Harpers Road allotment site) or the padlock code (Shawfield Road allotment site), dumps rubbish of any sort within any part of the allotment site or gives permission to a third party to do so shall have their tenancy terminated with immediate effect.
  11. Tenants must obtain formal permission from the Council BEFORE importing any form of wood chipping or similar material, to prevent the spread of Japanese Knotweed or similar invasive plants.  Any request MUST be made to the Council  in writing.
  12. The Tenant shall not, without written permission of the Council, cut or prune any timber or other trees, or take away any mineral, gravel, sand or clay from the site.
  13. The Council does not permit any permanent buildings to be erected on the site.  Sheds or greenhouses to a maximum size of 6ft by 4ft (shed) or 8ft x 6ft (Greenhouse) on a non permanent base can only be permitted with prior written permission of the Council.  One greenhouse and one shed only will be permitted per large allotment plot.  One greenhouse OR one shed only on small allotment plot. All applications to be made to the Council in writing and must include a site plan showing the proposed location of the shed/greenhouse.
  14. Tenants shall not keep any animals or other livestock, including bees, on the allotment plot.  (See below for a link to an application form).
  15. Tenants shall not use barbed or razor wire for a fence adjoining any path set out by the Council for the use of occupiers of the allotment site.
  16. The Tenant shall not use a hosepipe from the water points in the allotment site.  The use of sprinklers is also not permitted, unless using a portable pump from the Tenants own water butt.  The Tenant shall not make any connection to the water supply, supplied by Ash Parish Council whether temporary or permanent.
  17. The Tenant shall only burn their own allotment site rubbish, for example, old wood, canes and shrubs that are diseased or unsuitable for composting.  No household rubbish shall be burnt. 
  18. Bonfires must only be lit, no earlier than one hour before sunset, and when there is no nuisance caused to neighbouring properties and must be tended at all times.  NO other bonfires will be permitted on the allotment site and any organic material must be composted by the Tenant on the Tenants own allotment plot.  Any other material must be removed from the allotment and disposed of by the Tenant.
  19. Tenants must NOT store petrol, oil or similar fuel or lubricants on the Allotment site except in tanks of machines and only in such quantities as may be reasonably required for day to day use.
  20. The Tenant shall ensure that any dog brought onto the allotment site shall be securely held on a lead and all fouling removed.
  21. Children brought onto the allotment site must be under the strict supervision of the Tenant.
  22. The Tenant shall ensure that the shared Council shed be kept in a good state of repair.
  23. The Council shall be responsible for cutting the boundary hedges of the allotment site.
  24. The tenant shall be responsible for cutting the grass pathways adjacent to their allotment plot.
  25. Any breach of any of the rules and regulations will result in the tenancy being terminated.
  26. After the death of a tenant the tenancy of the allotment site shall terminate within 6 weeks, unless an alternative period has been agreed with the Council.  In the case of a joint Tenancy the Tenancy of the plot will pass to the surviving Tenant upon the death of a joint Tenancy holder.
  27. If a Tenant moves out of the Parish of Ash their tenancy will be terminated.  They will be allowed a period of up to 6 months (the actual period to be determined by Ash Parish Council, depending on the season and circumstances), before the tenancy agreement will be terminated.  This will allow for the harvesting of any crops growing on the plot.
  28. The Council is not liable for any loss by accident, fire, theft or damage of any tools or contents within the Allotment Plot.
  29. These Rules and regulations repeal all other versions of the Rules and Regulations , including the Rules and Regulations previously incorporated into existing Tenancy Agreements.

November 2019

For a printer friendly version of the Rules and Regulations click Rules and Regulations pdf.