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Amenities, Finance and Administration Meetings

The Amenities, Finance and Administration Committee hold 11 virtual meetings per annum and a list of all upcoming meetings can be found here. It will be served by the following Councillors:

  • Cllr Philip Bellamy (Chairman);
  • Cllr Richard Lucas (Vice Chairman);
  • Cllr Carla Morson;
  • Cllr John Tonks;
  • Cllr sara Badger;
  • Cllr Paul Golding.


  • All Councillors not on the committee.

The Committee will combine the functions of the Amenities Committee and Finance and Administration Committee as set out below;

Activities and Matters to Report

Administration of Burial Authority, Grave Digging, Supervision of Interments, Issuing Certificates of Burial, Issuing Grants of Right of Burial, Maintenance of Cemetery, Administration of Footway Lighting System, Maintenance of Lighting Units, Lighting Inspection, Road Traffic Accident Damage Repair & Replacement.

Administration and Maintenance of:-

Allotments, Car Parks, Football Pitches & Facilities, Gardens, Litter Collection/Disposal, Open Spaces, Play Areas and Equipment, Recreation Grounds, Rights of Way Inspection, R.O.W. Maintenance (352, 354, 355 & 471), Tennis Courts, Tree Planting and Care, Forward Planning, Insurance Matters, Annual Estimates. Appointment to Outside Bodies, Bylaws, Cemetery Chapel, Charities Administrative Trustee, Drainage, Elections, Emergency Procedures, Gypsy/Itinerant Incursion, Land Acquisition/Disposal, Liaison with Authorities/Utilities, Licensing, Parish Archives, Parish Map/Guide/Yearbook, Police Liaison, Public Notice Boards, Public Relations & Information, Public Toilets, Public Transport, Training (Members & Staff), Remembrance Parade, School Managers, Seats & Shelters, Security, Ash Centre, Staffing, Street Naming & Numbering, Vehicles & Equipment, Victoria Hall Clock, Victorial Hall, War Memorial, Youth Facilities, Forward Planning, Annual Estimates.

Consideration of all Policy Matters, Standing Orders, Recommendations, Financial Matters of all Committees, Receipt & Payments Accounts, Assessment of Charges, Monthly Statements of Expenditure, Annual Estimates of Committees, Renewal Fund Recommendations, Parish Council Tax Recommendations, Budget Control, Banking & Investments, Annual Audit, Calendar of meetings, Staffing – Implementation of Conditions of Service and Superannuation, Lease & , Contract Agreements, V.A.T. Returns, Progress Chasing.


Register of Burials, Index to Register of Graves, Register of Public Graves, Register of Purchased Graves, Register of War Graves, Register of Columbaria Vaults, Register of Wall Tablets, Grave Space Map, Grants of Rights of Burial, Register of Burial Fees, Register of Allotments, Register of Bookings: Football Pitches, Recreation Grounds, Tennis Courts, Definitive Right of Way Map. Lighting Maintenance Contract, Lighting Energy Contract, Schedule of Leases, Correspondence Filing System, Correspondence Book, Computer Records, Press Cutting Book, Register of Complaints, Register of Bookings for the Ash Centre, Council Accounts, Staff Employment Records, Wage & Salary Allocation, Expenditure Allocation, Propert Deeds, Lease & Contract Agreements, Register of Members Interest.


Wages & Salaries, Material Costs, Maintenance Material Costs, Petrol & Oil Costs, Electricity Costs, Business Rates, Water Rates, Insurance Costs, Litter Disposal Costs, Gas Costs, Lighting Maintenance Costs, Lighting Energy Cost, Telephone Costs.

Receipts relating to:-

Cemetery Fees & Charges, Allotment Rent, Football Pitches, Tennis Courts, Recreation Grounds, Litter (Ash Library). Ash Centre, Equipment Hire, Photocopying Monthly Expenditure, Receipt Income, Precept, Concurrent Function Grant.