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Ash Parish Playgrounds

Ash Parish Playgrounds

Children’s lives can now begin to return to normal as from Saturday 4th July the lifting of restrictions allows all playgrounds in the Parish to re-open. Families are asked to ‘Play Safe’ and follow the Council’s guidelines based on the government’s Coronavirus (Covid-19) guidance.

Each playground has signs explaining the special ‘Play Safe’ guidelines. The acrostic is easy to remember and promotes social distancing and hygiene standards. We ask all visitors to bring their own hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes, and to wash their hands before and after using the play area or outdoor gym. Ash Parish Council cannot disinfect equipment.

The Play Safe guidelines are:

Play two metres away from others not in your household/bubble
Leave no germs, wash your hands before and after use
Always clean equipment before use
Young children to be supervised carefully to maintain hygiene

Suggested maximum time here is 30 minutes
And one household/bubble for each item of play equipment
Family members, only one with each child please
End your visit if the play area is busy, or becomes busy, come back another time

If the playground looks busy, go home and come back later. We have to ensure that only a certain amount of families are able to use the area at any one time. We want to ensure that they can remain open for everybody to enjoy throughout the summer.

Please remember to ‘Play Safe’, clean your children’s hands and the equipment, especially handles and chains on swings that are touched. Our ground staff will be visiting our play areas, please do say hello and do as they ask if areas become overcrowded.

Residents should not use any play area if they have Coronavirus (Covid-19) symptoms or have been in contact with anybody who has. Please ensure those with a disability are given priority. Adults should ensure children don’t put their mouths on equipment, or their hands in their mouth. Please don’t eat food in the play area and please put litter in the bin or take it home.

Click Playground PLAYSAFE Poster to view the poster.