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Ash Parish – Wards

Ash Parish – Wards

The Parish of Ash has 4 Wards;

  • Ash South;
  • Ash Vale &
  • Ash Wharf

The following alphabetical list shows which ward each road is in.

Streets annotated with a (P) indicate that the road is split into more than 1 ward and Streets annotated with a (T) indicate that the street has a postal address of Tongham but is within the Ash South Ward and within the Parish of Ash.

Street NameParish Ward
Alder CloseAsh Vale
Aldershot Road – (P)Ash South
Aldershot Road – (P)Ash Wharf
Alexandra RoadAsh Wharf
Ash Church MewsAsh Wharf
Ash Church Road – (P)Ash Wharf
Ash Church Road – (P)Ash South
Ash CloseAsh Wharf
Ash Green Lane EastAsh South
Ash Green Lane WestAsh South
Ash Green RoadAsh South
Ash Hill RoadAsh Wharf
Ash Lodge CloseAsh South
Ash Lodge DriveAsh South
Ash Street – (P)Ash Wharf
Ash Street – (P)Ash South
Ash Street – (P)Ash Wharf
Ashbourne CloseAsh Wharf
Ashdene CrescentAsh Wharf
Ashdene RoadAsh Wharf
Ashurst RoadAsh Vale
Attfield CloseAsh Wharf
AvondaleAsh Vale
Balmoral RoadAsh Wharf
Barnwood GardensAsh Wharf
Bartletts CourtAsh Wharf
Bateman GroveAsh South
Beaufort RoadAsh Vale
Beeching CloseAsh Wharf
Beetons AvenueAsh Wharf
Beverley CloseAsh South
Blackwater CloseAsh South
BrackendeneAsh Wharf
Brambles CloseAsh South
Brook CloseAsh Wharf
Canal BankAsh Wharf
Canterbury RoadAsh Wharf
Carfax Avenue – (T)Ash South
Carrington LaneAsh Vale
Chambers RoadAsh Wharf
Chart House RoadAsh Vale
Chester CloseAsh Wharf
Chester RoadAsh Wharf
Chichester RoadAsh Wharf
Christine CloseAsh South
Church LaneAsh South
Church PathAsh Wharf
Church ViewAsh Wharf
Cody CloseAsh Vale
College RoadAsh Wharf
Collins GardensAsh South
Colne WayAsh South
Comet CloseAsh Vale
Cordellia GardensAsh Vale
Crescent LaneAsh Wharf
Cross RoadAsh Wharf
Culverlands CrescentAsh Wharf
Cuthbert RoadAsh Wharf
Cypress GroveAsh Vale
Dean CloseAsh Wharf
Deedman CloseAsh Wharf
Denby DeneAsh Wharf
Derry CloseAsh Vale
Derwent AvenueAsh Vale
Dorset RoadAsh Wharf
Drovers WayAsh South
Edinburgh CloseAsh Vale
Elleray CourtAsh Wharf
Elm Lane – (T)Ash South
Elm ViewAsh Wharf
Enfield RoadAsh Wharf
Ewins CloseAsh Wharf
Exeter RoadAsh Wharf
Fairview RoadAsh Wharf
Farm WalkAsh South
Firacre RoadAsh Vale
Foreman ParkAsh South
Foreman RoadAsh South
Fox Hills LaneAsh Wharf
Foxhurst RoadAsh Wharf
Frimley RoadAsh Vale
Furze CloseAsh Vale
Gables CloseAsh Vale
Gloster CloseAsh Vale
Gorselands CloseAsh Wharf
Grange Farm RoadAsh Wharf
Grange RoadAsh South
Grenadier RoadAsh Wharf
Greyhound CloseAsh Wharf
Grove RoadAsh Wharf
Guildford RoadAsh Wharf
Harpers RoadAsh Wharf
Hawker RoadAsh Vale
Hazel RoadAsh South
Heath Vale Bridge RoadAsh Wharf
Heathcote CloseAsh Wharf
Heathcote RoadAsh Wharf
Heather CloseAsh Wharf
Hillside RoadAsh Wharf
Horseshoe LaneAsh Vale
Howard Cole Gardens – (T)Ash South
Hutton RoadAsh Wharf
John Ades CloseAsh Wharf
Jubilee DriveAsh Vale
Kennet CloseAsh South
Keogh BarracksAsh Vale
Keogh Barracks AccessAsh Vale
Kestrel CloseAsh Vale
Kingfisher WalkAsh Wharf
Kings Avenue – (T)Ash South
Lakeside RoadAsh Vale
Lancaster CloseAsh Vale
Lea CloseAsh South
Lime CrescentAsh South
Lincoln CloseAsh Vale
Littlefield CloseAsh South
Littlefield GardensAsh South
Loddon WayAsh South
LongacreAsh Wharf
Longfield RoadAsh Wharf
Lynchford RoadAsh Vale
Mallard CloseAsh Wharf
Malton GrangeAsh Wharf
Manfield RoadAsh Wharf
Manor Farm CloseAsh South
Manor Road – (T) & (P)Ash South
Maple CloseAsh Vale
May CrescentAsh Wharf
Meadow CloseAsh Vale
Merryworth CloseAsh South
Miles RoadAsh Wharf
Moore Close – (T)Ash South
Mulberry CloseAsh Wharf
Napier CloseAsh Wharf
Newfield RoadAsh Vale
Newlands DriveAsh Wharf
North RoadAsh Vale
Northcote RoadAsh Vale
Oak Tree CloseAsh Vale
OakleaAsh Vale
OaktreesAsh South
Old Chapel LaneAsh Wharf
Old Cross Tree WayAsh South
Old Farm PlaceAsh Vale
Old Rectory DriveAsh South
Old School CloseAsh Wharf
Orchard CloseAsh Vale
Oxenden Court – (T)Ash South
Oxenden Road – (T)Ash South
Parish CloseAsh South
Parsons Way – (T)Ash South
Penrose GardensAsh Vale
Phillips Close – (T)Ash South
Pilgrims ViewAsh South
Pine CloseAsh Wharf
Potters CrescentAsh Wharf
Priors CourtAsh South
Prospect RoadAsh Wharf
Queen Elizabeth CloseAsh Wharf
Ravenscroft CloseAsh Wharf
Richards CloseAsh Wharf
Robertson WayAsh Wharf
Robin CloseAsh Vale
Rosemary AvenueAsh Vale
Rosemary Hall CloseAsh Wharf
Rowcroft CloseAsh Vale
Salisbury RoadAsh Wharf
Scotland CloseAsh Vale
Scotland Farm RoadAsh Vale
Shackleton CloseAsh Vale
Shawfield LaneAsh Wharf
Shawfield Road – (P)Ash Wharf
Shawfield Road – (P)Ash Wharf
Sopwith CloseAsh Vale
South LaneAsh South
South RoadAsh Vale
Southland CloseAsh South
Southlands RoadAsh South
Sovereign GardensAsh Vale
Spoil Lane – (T)Ash South
Springfield RoadAsh Wharf
St Marys RoadAsh Vale
St Peters MeadAsh South
Star LaneAsh Wharf
Station ApproachAsh Vale
Station Road EastAsh Vale
Stirling CloseAsh Vale
Stratford RoadAsh Vale
Sycamore DriveAsh Vale
The BeechesAsh Vale
The BriarsAsh South
The CroftAsh South
The GarthAsh South
The QuadrantAsh Vale
Tolley CloseAsh Wharf
Townsend CloseAsh South
Tumber CloseAsh Wharf
Underwood AvenueAsh Wharf
Vale Road – (P)Ash Wharf
Vale Road – (P)Ash Vale
Vickers RoadAsh Vale
Viscount CloseAsh Vale
Vyne WalkAsh South
Wardle CloseAsh South
Warwick RoadAsh Vale
Waverley DriveAsh Vale
Waverley GardensAsh Vale
Wellesley CloseAsh Vale
Wellington PlaceAsh Vale
Wentworth CloseAsh Vale
Wentworth CrescentAsh Vale
Wey CloseAsh South
Wharf RoadAsh Wharf
White LaneAsh South
Whitethorn CloseAsh South
Whittle CloseAsh Vale
Willow FieldsAsh South
Willow ParkAsh Wharf
Winchester RoadAsh Wharf
Windsor GardensAsh Wharf
Winter CloseAsh Vale
Woollards RoadAsh Wharf
Wood StreetAsh Vale
Woodlands CloseAsh Wharf
Wren CourtAsh Wharf
Wychwood CloseAsh Wharf
Wyvern CloseAsh Vale
Yeomans Close – (T)Ash South
York RoadAsh Wharf
Youngs DriveAsh Wharf