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Ash Ranges – Footpaths

Ash Ranges – Footpaths

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) responsible for the Security and Public Access to Ash Ranges have provided the following information with regard to enhancements being made to the footpaths around the Ash Range fence line.

MOD public access enhancement works around the Ash range fence line.

Further to the announcement concerning the measures taken at Ash in relation to COVID-19 the MOD have now provided further detail concerning the ongoing programme of works with the aim of best improving public access at Ash. In order to achieve this  additional funding has been secured via DIO’s Conservation Stewardship Fund or CSF, which in addition to improving access to the west of Ash Ranges will also support a CSF led project to provide a permissive circular route for cyclist’s, walker’s and where practical equestrian’s around the full perimeter of the Ash Ranges RDA. This will be available to the public 24/7 even when firing is taking place, and when completed will provide a continuous off road circular route of some 8.7 miles, one of the largest in Surrey.

As regards Ash Parish specifically these works also include improvements to the paths running north off Heath Vale Bridge Road adjacent to the old St John’s Ambulance and further south off Chandlers Road, adjacent to the Health Centre, as well as improvements to existing ditch crossings and surface repair. This work will not only improve access from Ash Vale to the training areas immediately outside the range but will also link existing perimeter gates thus enabling access to the wider Range Danger Area, of course subject to Byelaws, and when the flags are down and no live firing is taking place.

For reference see the maps below; the black line represent usable paths with the grey / green sections showing where Landmarc, DIO’s industry partner have carried out vegetation clearance in order to ensure easier compliance with social distancing requirements.  Where applicable Landmarc have also confirmed that site lines are clear so where social distancing is difficult, for example around the Landmarc workshops near Greatbottom Flash, improved visibility along the paths should make it easier to take appropriate and timely action to maintain the specified two metres distance from other persons on the route.

Ash Ranges Footpath – Heath Vale Bridge Road to Ash Vale Railway Station
Ash Ranges Footpath – Ash Health Centre