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Ash Ranges – Footpaths Update

Ash Ranges – Footpaths Update

As a result of discussions between representatives of the Ministry of Defence (MoD), the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) and Ash Parish Council the following plans for Ash Ranges have been made available for the information of residents.

These plans clearly show the routes which will continue to be open for use by the general public and the works planned to ensure that they are made safer and more accessible to all users.

The perimeter route is to ensure access to the RDA for all residents all the year round, including when firing is taking place.

Aspirational line of the Ash Great Loop

Fig A – Ash Great Loop

Fig A shows the aspirational line of the Multi-User (Ash Great Loop) which it is hoped will be created over the next couple of years. It is worth noting that the line of the path is not set in stone and could be changed as (and if) appropriate.

Ash Ranges Western Path

Fig B – Ash Ranges Western Path

Fig B shows the Ash Ranges Western Path (to the north of Heathvale Bridge Road). This path is confirmed and will be put in place in this financial year (2020/21). The works will include the following: –

Photos A and C

The existing small wooden bridges will be replaced with new 5ft wide bridges that will be able to accommodate walkers, cyclists, equestrians and those with mobility issues. There will be a handrail to one side and lower kick boards making access safer for all.

Photo B

Vegetation along the whole route will be cut back to a minimum width of 3m and to a height of not less than 12ft. This should ensure ease of access and allow light and air to the surface and encourage a more sustainable route.

 Photo D

This shows a section of fencing adjacent to the Landmarc workshop that will be moved to widen the available width. Some localised surface improvements will also be carried out here.

Photo E

The existing barrier will be replaced with a new threshold gate that is more in keeping with the MoD estate. There will be a 5ft gap to one side that will help maintain safe access.

Ash Ranges South Western Path

Fig C – Ash Ranges South Western path

Fig C shows the agreed works for 2020/21 for the route to the South of Chandlers Road

It is acknowledged that all routes will need to be surfaced if they are to be able to accommodate mobility vehicles (wheelchairs, tramper vehicles etc). Costings for the route shown in Fig B are currently awaited.