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Ash Ranges – Update On Phased Reopening

Ash Ranges – Update On Phased Reopening

Jeremy Quinn MP and Michael Gove MP visited Ash Ranges on the 7 October 2021 to see firsthand the concerns raised by the residents of Ash. This is part of an ongoing campaign for the full reopening of Ash Ranges.

After the minister’s visit to Ash Ranges, Michael Gove MP published on his Facebook site;

I have been pressing Jeremy to lift restrictions and he agreed to visit yesterday to see for himself how access could be improved. We discussed a number of ways in which residents could enjoy easier access while respecting the army’s need to train safely“.

The letter located here (SU/4/6/1/is) sent to Michael Gove MP after the minister’s visit to Ash Ranges.

Images of the proposal :

Statement from Cllr Nigel Manning, Chairman of Ash Parish Council ;

I am pleased that Jeremy Quin MP has finally listened to the pleas of myself, through Ash Parish Council, and Ash residents, to allow some access to the Ash Range Firing Complex (ARFC). Whilst this is nowhere near a reopening of the ARFC, it does give access in Phase 1, to a large area of tarmacked road and wooded area. This will allow residents with mobility and other issues, who were previously the most disadvantaged by the ARFC closure, to be able to perambulate on a wide, hard surface and does allow direct access to a large wooded adjacent area.”

“Phase 2 is for a direct East/West corridor allowing a direct route from the perimeter path to the Range Danger Area (RDA) beyond, which of course has always been open to public access (when the red flags were not flying). Along both these stretches, the existing gates and hard standing will also be improved to allow easier access.”

“I know that some will be disappointed with this only partial reopening, but it must be remembered that MOD were legally able to permanently close the ARFC. What is now being proposed comes after 18 months of intense lobbying of MOD by Ash Parish Council, Michael Gove MP and comes at a significant financial cost to the MOD”.