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Carer Identification Letters

Carer Identification Letters

Action for Carers Surrey recognised early on in the pandemic, that carers were having difficulties ‘proving’ their identity.

We therefore created a letter Someone Depends on Me for registered carers to show that they were carers, and needed to accompany their loved one, for getting into hospitals and medical appointments, priority shopping access, travelling and other situations.

NHS Carer COVID identification letter

We are delighted that the government, working with the NHS and county councils has now recognised this need too, and there is now a standard letter being provided via carer organisations,

To request a letter

If you’d like an NHS Carer COVID identification letter made up for you, and your situation, please let us know. Get in touch with our Carer Information Centre on 0303 040 1234, email

(NB, we are a charity supporting Surrey’s carers, and so we can only provide this for you if you are registered with us and live in Surrey. If you live elsewhere, please try your local carer support group.)”