Council Meetings

There are 11 full Council Meetings held every year, generally the second Monday of the Month, these commence at 7.00pm.

A list of all upcoming Council Meetings can be found here.

All of the councillors are summoned to attend this meeting:

  • Cllr Nigel Manning (Chairman)
  • Cllr John Tonks (Vice-Chairman)
  • Cllr Martin Burgess
  • Cllr Graham Eyre
  • Cllr Andrew Gomm
  • Cllr Mrs Helen Gorham
  • Cllr Tony Gorham
  • Cllr Nigel Kearse
  • Cllr Mrs Marsha Moseley
  • Cllr Mrs Jo Randall
  • Cllr Ed Schofield
  • Cllr Paul Spooner

Activities & Matters to Report

Reports of Committees, Financial Statements, Policy Matters, Ministerial Applications, Parish Council Tax Fixing, Execution of Documents.


Acceptance of Office Register, Minute Books, Audited Receipt & Expenditure Accounts