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Electoral Review Of Guildford : Draft Recommendations

Electoral Review Of Guildford : Draft Recommendations

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England has published proposals for new electoral arrangements for Guildford.

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The electoral arrangements for your parish or town council may change because of our proposals. Below is a map outlining the proposed electoral arrangements for your council.

We propose that 48 councillors should be elected to Guildford in future. We also propose new ward boundaries across the authority. 

A public consultation on the proposals will run from 30 November 2021 to 7 February 2022. 

Once we have considered all responses to the consultation, we aim to publish final recommendations in May 2022. We will then lay a draft order in both houses of Parliament. Subject to parliamentary scrutiny, the new electoral arrangements are scheduled to come into effect at the authority’s elections in 2023. 

We considered all representations received from local people and organisations during our initial consultation when drawing up our proposals. We have sought to balance statutory criteria we must follow when drawing up these proposals, and we seek to: 

  • Make sure that, within an authority, each councillor represents a similar number of electors 
  • Create boundaries that are appropriate, and reflect community ties and identities 
  • Deliver reviews informed by local needs, views and circumstances 

We are now inviting comments on the proposals before we finalise the new electoral arrangements in your area. We will consider every response we receive during the consultation period and will weigh each response against the criteria above. 

If you would like to explore the draft recommendations, you can do so by visiting our consultation website at Interactive consultation pages give access to the full recommendations. They allow people to explore maps of the proposals in greater detail and make comments. 

We also accept comments:  

By email 

By post           

Review Officer (Guildford) 


PO Box 133 


NE24 9FE 

The Commission’s main website contains further information about the electoral review and our work: