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Emergency Plan

We hope it never happens but …

… it is always good to “Be Prepared”. This statement is especially true during a serious emergency and a Community Emergency Plan (CEP) always works best when you can quickly call on others to provide help, assistance and resources.

Ash Parish Council is reviewing its Emergency Plan so it can respond quickly to extraordinary events, which may have a detrimental impact on the whole or part of the Parish.

The Council sincerely hopes that this plan will never be needed, however given recent events, it does make good sense to have proper contingency plans in place, just in case the Council needs to respond to an emergency.

As part of the CEP, the Council is creating an emergency contact register and is asking for volunteers to assist in such an emergency. The Council is looking for all sorts of skilled people, such as those with First Aid Skills, Four Wheel Drive Vehicle owners or anyone who has a skill that may be of use during an emergency. They are also looking for volunteers who just want to help during an emergency. If you think you can help please contact the Council.

Please note the register will be strictly confidential and no personal details will be made public. It would only be accessed by a designated response team, should the need arise.

The full Ash Parish Council Emergency Plan can be viewed here.