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Guildford Borough Council : Bin Delivery Update

Guildford Borough Council  : Bin Delivery Update

We have recently faced a shortage of containers and delays in supply that have led to a backlog of deliveries.

Our recent issues have been driven by a lack of plastics available for bin manufacture. The issue is caused by the shortage of the material following factory shut downs due to Covid responses, and a worldwide shortage of shipping containers to move it once it has been manufactured. We are in the process of clearing the backlog of 240L recycling bins and will receive the overdue food waste caddy stock today so can start to clear that. We have yet to receive a now well overdue delivery of garden waste bins.

The reduction is plastics is set to continue for the coming months so we have now ordered a range of additional containers ahead of them being required. This early delivery of stock will ensure we can maintain supply for longer but a number of other councils have also done the same which has contributed to the delays that everyone is facing.