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Get funding for your community project

Get funding for your community project

We’re starting our Autumn funding round through Crowdfund Guildford on 15 July! This is the way to get money for community projects. Crowdfund Guildford isn’t just another funding option—it’s the best way to get support from us for ideas that really matter to our community.

Kick off your project planning with our free workshop on 15 July. This session will give you the know-how, tools and confidence to start a crowdfunding campaign. This is event is free to attend and held online. Register here.

Message from Leader of the Council, Councillor Julia McShane
“We’re here to tell you, your ideas matter. Whether they’re big or small, we’re here to make them happen and get you the money you need to make the change you want to see.
“If you have a vision for your community, Crowdfund Guildford is your go-to. We have this money to support our communities. We need motivated individuals or groups to come and use it. We’ll support you every step of the way because, like you, we believe in bettering our communities for everyone.
“Crowdfund Guildford is the number one way to get our support for your community ideas. When you join us, you’re not just getting funding. You’re getting strong and local support for your project, access to important funds that make your idea happen, and our dedication to making your community better.

“I encourage everyone to register for our free workshop on 15 July to find out more.”

We provide two great funding options to help make your community projects come to life:

Fund one: standard projects

  • funding up to £5,000
  • great for small local community projects in Guildford borough
  • you can raise some money from the community, and we will add up to £5,000 more or up to 50% of the total project fundraising target

Fund two: large capital projects

  • funding up to £25,000
  • perfect for big projects like putting up solar panels, fixing up community centres, or improving parks
  • for every pound you raise, we can give you up to £25,000 more to support your big ideas or up to 50% of the total project fundraising target

We want to give money to projects that:

  • help vulnerable groups. This includes supporting people who are hard to reach and come from different cultures.
  • make rural areas better. Such as projects that prevent crime, protect nature and offer fun things to do.
  • improve green spaces. We want to create or refurbish parks and other green areas so everyone can enjoy them.
  • encourage enjoying nature. We support efforts to help people experience wildlife and nature more easily.
  • improve wellbeing. We want projects that offer sports, arts, and other fun activities that improve quality of life.

Schools and Parish Councils are also encouraged to apply for funding to bring their community-centric ideas to life.

How to apply

  1. Attend our free kick-off workshop and get all the information you need to start your crowdfunding journey.
  2. Create your project on Spacehive and begin fundraising
  3. Submit your application for additional funding and match funding.

How Crowdfund Guildford helps projects

When you join Crowdfund Guildford, you:

  • get strong and local support for your project
  • access to important funds that make your idea happen
  • get our dedication to make your community better

Total funding available for 2024-25

With £14,000 available for standard projects and £100,000 for capital projects in the 2024-25 rounds, Crowdfund Guildford provides strong support for community-driven change. Funding will be given based on the projects that show they’re needed and supported by the community. So, it’s essential to demonstrate how your project will make a difference to local people. Crowdfund Guildford funding is supported by the UK Share Prosperity Fund.

Note: Funding is available as part of the total allocation for 2024-25. It will be awarded based on project need and community support.

  • Find out more about Crowdfund Guildford
  • Spacehive is a funding platform for ideas that bring local civic and community spaces to life. Its vision is a world where anyone can shape their local area to create places that make people happy, proud and prosperous. Find more information about Spacehive.
  • The platform pools together funds between councils, businesses, foundations and the local community to pay for projects that improve local places, which typically results in projects securing three times more funding than if they were relying on council funds alone. Projects can range from building a new community centre or improving the local park to improving a playground or putting on a street festival.
  • Companies, foundations and public bodies interested in supporting projects alongside us should contact