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Guildford Borough Council : Green Belt Planning Guidance – Consultation Starts 22 February

Guildford Borough Council : Green Belt Planning Guidance – Consultation Starts 22 February

We are running a consultation on supplementary guidance to help decision makers assess planning applications in the Green Belt. The consultation will run from midday 22 February 2023 to midday 22 March 2023.

National planning and the Guildford Local Plan, ‘Strategy and Sites’ (2015-2034), make clear that development is not generally allowed on Green Belt land. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. These include buildings for agricultural uses and small-scale extensions to residential properties.

Green Belt land’s key characteristic is openness. The new guidance has been produced to help assess a proposal’s impact on this.

The document now open for consultation is the Green Belt Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). This document provides more advice and guidance on what development is likely or unlikely to be considered acceptable within the Green Belt.

This document aims to provide clarity for applicants and decision makers. It also will make the assessment of future planning applications more consistent.

Lead Cllr for Planning Policy, Cllr Joss Bigmore, said:  “The SPD is an important document. It will help us make consistent decisions on planning applications in the Green Belt.

“National and local policy seeks to keep development in the Green Belt to a minimum. But certain types of development are allowed.

“These exceptions are complex. But property owners need clear guidance on what they can and cannot do to their properties. This document provides that clear guidance.

“The SPD will provide the protection our Green Belt needs and help people understand what is likely to be acceptable within the Green Belt.”


The online consultation will be live and available for comment from midday on 22 February 2023 to midday on 22 March 2023. You will find the consultation on our website. Hard copies are available to view at our Millmead office and libraries across the borough.

You can comment online or write in to:

Planning Policy
Guildford Borough Council
Millmead House

We cannot accept comments submitted outside these dates.