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Guildford Borough Council – New Electric Minibus Fleet

Guildford Borough Council – New Electric Minibus Fleet

Guildford Borough council have released the following press release;

New electric minibus fleet for Dial-a-Ride service

A new electric minibus fleet will help keep the streets of Guildford cleaner and greener, thanks to approval of an £820,000 investment for Dial-a-Ride community transport vehicles. The new fleet of ten minibuses will help reduce CO2 emissions from fuel by 52,400kg per year and they will also be more reliable than existing diesel vehicles.

Cllr Julia McShane, Lead Councillor for Community Health, Support and Wellbeing says: “Our Dial-a-Ride service provides help for those who need a hand getting around the borough due to mobility problems. We are pleased that we can continue to provide this valued service with our new electric fleet, which will help reduce fuel emissions and make our streets a greener, cleaner place to be.”

The average daily mileage of our minibuses is 50 miles, which means we will not need to charge the buses every day. Over time the cost of an electric fleet is less than diesel and uses cleaner energy.

Cllr McShane adds: “We already have a number of electric vehicles and will continue to grow our electric fleet – just one way we are helping to tackle climate change in our borough.”

Dial-a-Ride is a door to door service, providing transport to a range of locations, appointments and social activities in Guildford and key towns in the surrounding area. These include:
– shopping
– centres for older people
– voluntary sector activities
– social clubs
– work
– visiting friends and family
– hospital and medical appointments.

There is a small annual membership charge, and a charge for each trip. To find out more about Dial-a-Ride and other community transport services that we provide, visit