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Guildford Borough Council : Prioritising Transport Projects To Support Our Local Plan

Guildford Borough Council : Prioritising Transport Projects To Support Our Local Plan

On Tuesday the Executive agreed to prioritise five transport schemes, from our Local Plan infrastructure schedule, to help us meet current housing targets in the adopted Local Plan. If Surrey County Council and Highways England agree, we can ask central government for funding for the schemes. Identifying these schemes will allow us to work with Surrey County Council, Highways and other agencies to attract funding.

The schemes are: 

M25 Junction 10 Wisley Interchange

The Wisley Airfield development is dependent on this scheme to manage A3 traffic. The plans include widening a section of the A3 between Ockham and Painshill and a new roundabout. This will improve air quality and road safety, as well as reduce congestion at its junction with the M25. This scheme is supported by Highways England. In November, the Secretary of State will make a decision on these plans.

New Guildford West (Park Barn) and Guildford East (Merrow) railway stations

These schemes will manage traffic coming to Guildford from the Blackwell Farm and Gosden Hill areas. Residents, visitors and workers will have better access to train services. These are anticipated to reduce local and longer distance trips using this critical section of the A3. It should also help improve the air pollution. Workers at the Royal Surrey Hospital, the Surrey Research Park, the Surrey Sports Park and the University of Surrey will find this scheme particularly helpful. In order to get the funding we will need to carry out a detailed analysis on these schemes.

Sustainable Movement Corridor

These schemes will offer sustainable transport links from the Royal Surrey County Hospital and University to the town centre and Blackwell Farm, Gosden Hill and Weyside Urban Village. We will be looking into the design and costs of these projects.

 A3 northbound on and off slip-roads at A247 Clandon Road

The Wisley Airfield development is considered to be dependent on this scheme. This will manage traffic on the B2215 through Ripley. This scheme includes adding new slip roads at the A3 junction with the A247 Clandon Road.

Ash Road Bridge

We are currently developing the scheme after receiving planning consent earlier this year. We are building a new road bridge and a foot bridge to replace the level crossing at Ash Station. We received extra funding from Homes England in April. The project will help deliver new housing, considerably improve rail safety and reduce traffic, pollution and delays in Ash.

We will be developing these schemes with Highways England and Surrey County Council. Work includes traffic analysis and modelling, air quality and climate change monitoring. Some of these schemes still need funding, which we will be applying for.