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Guildford Borough Council : Save Money On Your Energy Bills With Solar Together Surrey

Guildford Borough Council : Save Money On Your Energy Bills With Solar Together Surrey

Residents can save money and help tackle climate change with other members of our community by installing solar panels on their homes with the new Solar Together Surrey scheme.

The initiative, run by Surrey County Council and supported by us, helps our borough’s homeowners feel confident that they are paying the right price for high-quality solar panels and battery storage by purchasing as part of a borough-wide group.

The scheme is run in partnership with independent group-buying experts iChoosr Ltd, who oversee the installation and offer advice and support throughout the process.

Visit to register. Registration is free, and there is no obligation to buy.

After registering, the approved installer will then contact you with the cost and other details of the panels which best fit your roof. You will then decide whether you want to proceed with the installation, but there is no obligation to do so. If you decide to accept the offer, the installer will then contact you to discuss an installation date.

Other Solar Together schemes across the UK have helped over 3,700 households install solar panels on their homes, saving over 61,000 tonnes of carbon emissions.

We installed new solar PV panels at our Millmead House offices and Farnham Road car park last month. In total, our solar generation now produces 195,401kWh per year – the equivalent of powering 49 houses – to help power our offices and other buildings. We also have solar panel arrays at our Dray Court, Japonica Court and St Martins Court sheltered housing facilities, and the Spectrum Leisure Centre. Our Crematorium, which was renovated in 2020, uses solar panels to provide two-thirds of its electricity.

iChoosr has worked on group-buying schemes for local authorities across the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Japan and the USA. It has worked with 160 local authorities in the UK on its collective energy switching schemes since 2012 and in 2015 launched their group-buying for solar PV systems. Internationally, over 59 group-buying schemes have helped over 93,000 residents to install solar PV systems, generating a total of 49 megawatts of power.