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Guildford Borough Council : Voter ID Awareness Campaign Ramps Up Across The Borough Of Guildford

Guildford Borough Council : Voter ID Awareness Campaign Ramps Up Across The Borough Of Guildford

Households across our borough will receive a Voter ID leaflet through their letterbox over the next two weeks.

The leaflets are part of a public awareness campaign with the Electoral Commission.

We are encouraging voters to find out about changes to how they will vote at polling stations on 4 May. For the first time, residents will need to show photographic ID to vote in person at this year’s local elections. This is a new requirement introduced by the UK Government.

The leaflets feature a sticky note with a handwritten reminder to bring ID to the polling station. They also contain a link to the Electoral Commission’s web site. On the site you can find out more information about voter ID, including:

  • a list of accepted forms of photo ID
  • how to apply for a free Voter Authority Certificate if you don’t have an accepted form of ID
  • what changes to expect on polling day

We are already using the sticky note awareness campaign across social media. We will also be sending a more detailed leaflet about Voter ID with resident’s Council Tax bills.  Throughout March we will be out and about in the borough talking to people about the changes to how we vote. 

Our Returning Officer, Tom Horwood, said:
“Local elections are taking place in our Borough on Thursday 4 May 2023. If you want to vote it’s important that you make sure you have an accepted form of ID. It may seem early but checking now means you will be ready to vote in May. 

“Residents who do not have one of the accepted forms of ID can apply for free ID. The quickest way to do this is online. You can also complete a paper application form and send it to our electoral services team. They can assist people who need extra help.”

It’s important that everyone who wants to vote at the local elections knows about the changes. Anyone who turns up at a polling station without accepted photo id will not be issued with a ballot paper. They will need to leave the polling station and return with an accepted form of photo ID before being able to vote.

The accepted forms of voter ID will be listed on polling cards that we will send out in March. If you don’t have an accepted form of ID, you can apply online for a free Voter Authority Certificate. You need to do this before the deadline of 25 April 2023.