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Guildford Quality Bus Corridors

Guildford Quality Bus Corridors

Guildford has a reasonably comprehensive, well used bus network, with several frequent town services and a number of services that extend to surrounding towns and villages. A good proportion of this network is commercial in whole or in part, with Surrey County Council subsidising some socially necessary services at evenings, weekends and to destinations which have no commercial bus service. Buses are a vital mode of transport in Guildford carrying 15,000 people per day enabling users to access employment commerce and other key services. Surrey County Council has committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions across Surrey by 2050. With 46% of the county’s carbon emissions produced by transport, making our bus network a more viable, attractive and sustainable option for travel has an important part to play in achieving net zero. With a further 14,000 homes proposed in Guildford Borough over the next 20 years, the bus network will become even more important, ensuring that the already congested road network is not overwhelmed by the increased daily journeys in the area.
The Guildford Quality Bus Corridor project will invest up to £4.5m into a series of improvements to Guildford’s current bus infrastructure by April 2022. The key objectives of the scheme are:

• Improved bus journey time reliability and punctuality.
• Increased levels of bus patronage.
• Reduced bus journey times.

To achieve these outcomes, the project will:

• Improve highways, redesigning roads at locations where buses currently get held up.
• Introduction of upgraded traffic signals which will feature intelligent bus priority technology, which can detect late-running buses and change signal timings in their favour.
• Improve bus stops, including better waiting areas, new shelters, more live bus departure screens and accessibility improvements.

This project will make busses easier and more attractive to use for everyone, make journeys shorter and more punctual and improve bus stop waiting environments. Improvements are being made along a number of bus ‘corridors’, which are sections of road or roads where several bus services travel in the same or a similar direction. This project seeks to enhance all the principal bus corridors in Guildford shown on the graphic below.

These are identified as;

• Woking Road corridor (A) – Stoke Road and Woking Road heading north out of Guildford towards Bellfields and Jacobs Well
• Southwest corridor (B) – buses entering and exiting Guildford via the gyratory, towards Egerton Road and the hospital, Farnham Road, Artington or Shalford
• Woodbridge Road corridor (C/D) – Woodbridge Road heading northwest out of Guildford towards Woodbridge Hill and Stoughton
• London Road corridor (E) – London Road heading northeast out of Guildford towards Burpham
• Epsom Road corridor (F) – Epsom Road heading east out of Guildford towards Merrow

Intelligent bus priority
Intelligent traffic lights are proposed to be installed across all corridors. These will help to address known ‘pinch points’ on the bus network, as they can detect late-running buses and adjust the signal cycle times to give them priority though the junction as they approach, helping buses to make up time if they have been delayed. These intelligent junctions are also able to respond to changing traffic conditions throughout the day, helping to keep all traffic moving alleviating general congestion which can otherwise cause buses to become delayed. These signals will help improve bus journey times as well as bus journey time reliability and punctuality.

Highway improvements
Highway improvements are planned on the Epsom Road and Woodbridge Road corridors. On Epsom Road highway improvements are planned for the junction of Bushy Hill Drive with Epsom Road, and at the Park Lane roundabout western arm.

Further information
This information is correct as of May 2021. Please refer to the Guildford Quality Bus Corridor major scheme page on Surrey County Council’s website for more information and up to date progress.