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Guildford’s New Memorial

Following a high number of responses to an expressions of interest by over 20 artists and sculptors a panel of military and local groups have chosen a design by David A Annand’s for a new memorial to be located in the grounds of Guildford Castle. Sculptor David A Annand will create the memorial to honour those from the Borough of Guildford who have been killed in conflict and whilst on active service, since the end of World War Two.

Mr Annand will soon start consulting stakeholders, including the families of those being commemorated, on the details of the design before beginning work on creating a sculpture which will form the centre piece of the memorial. Details of the design concept for the memorial have also been released. Examples of previous public works by David Annand can be found across the UK and Ireland, as well as in private commissions.

Speaking after the announcement and the release of his design ideas David Annand said; “It is a privilege to be asked to make this memorial for service personnel who have fallen since the end of the Second World war. The chosen site in the grounds of Guildford Castle is particularly special, historic and beautiful. It provides the perfect location to remember those who have died service their country”.

Of his design he added; “The three arcs represent the Army, the Air Force and the Navy. Beneath the ‘Nave’ created by the arcs stands a bronze figure to represent those who have died. My research has revealed that as far as we know there were no female casualties from the Guildford area and so I have designed the sculpture as male. He would not be wearing a specific uniform and would possibly be standing at ease. Final decisions about the precise details will be made following consultation with stakeholders.”

Guildford Borough Council Deputy Leader Cllr Matt Furniss says; “We are delighted to announce that David Annand has been commission to create a new memorial for us. The existing memorial in the Castle Grounds honours the fallen of both World wars but it is only right and fitting that we should also acknowledge and remember the sacrifice that others from the Borough have made in conflicts and whilst on active service since 1945.”

Cllr. Furniss added; “We will continue to consult with key stakeholders and we want to ensure that the names of all those residents of the Borough who have died serving their country since world war Two are included on the memorial, so please contact us.” If you know of someone whose name should be included on the memorial please contact

It is planned that the new memorial will be officially unveiled in August 2018.

To see some of David Annand’s work visit –