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Keep Surrey Safe

Keep Surrey Safe

Keep Surrey Safe is a phased communications campaign from Surrey County Council to raise awareness that everyone who has symptoms of Coronavirus can now get tested, if they test positive they need to share contacts with NHS Test and Trace to stop the spread of the virus. By continuing to follow safety guidelines and engaging in Test and Trace residents can play their part to Keep Surrey Safe and avoid local lockdowns.

The ongoing messaging to Surrey residents is to keep the COVID-19 virus under control by 5 simple things.

Play your part to Keep Surrey Safe and avoid a local lockdown

1. Keep your distance.

2. Wear face coverings where appropriate.

3. Symptoms? self isolate and get tested

4. If you test positive share your contacts with Test and Trace

5. Keep washing those hands.

By following these simple safety guidelines hopefully we will stop the need for local lockdowns.  The mechanics of a local lockdown and at what risk level these are triggered is still being formulated nationally and as soon as more details are ready Surrey County Council will be updating their communications.

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