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Councillor Graham Eyre

Ash South and Tongham Ward

Borough Councillor Graham Eyre is a member of the Conservative Party.

Disclosable Percuniary Interests

I have lived in Ash since 1978 and have always been interested in the local area. Both of my daughters live in the area, one in Ash and the other in Tongham, with their respective families.

10 years ago I formed the Ash Residents Association and was Chairman until December 2018. In that time I worked tirelessly for the benefit of the local residents of Ash and Tongham, having many long meetings with Council officers and Councillors to resolve issues and to achieve the best possible situation for the community.

Also during that period I made many contacts within Guildford Borough Council and the work made me realise that there maybe another role for me where I could be even more effective for the community. I therefore resigned from Ash Resident Association to enable me to stand as a Councillor.