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Councillor Tony Gorham

Ash Wharf Ward

Parish Councillor Tony Gorham is a member of the Conservative Party.

Disclosable Pecuniary Interests

I was born in East London,  and after full time education I joined a large international company. A far cry from my second career that started in 1980. I was introduced to the plight of people who had lifelong physical and mental impairments.

I volunteered in a day centre in Guildford and in 1987 became part of Surrey Social Care taking a full time role working within the local community, enabling people to be more independent, and access all the opportunities that most take for granted.

I have continued working towards helping people have better lifestyles. My wife Helen and I moved to Ash Vale in 1989. We have been part of the Ash and Ash Vale community and although now moved out of the area still see our role as active councillors.