Planning Meetings

On average, the Planning Committee hold 24 meetings per annum and a list of upcoming Planning Meetings can be found here.

The Planning Committee is served by the following councillors:

Cllr Mrs Marsha Moseley (Chairman)
Cllr Mrs Jo Randall (Vice-Chairman)
Cllr Laurence Armes
Cllr Nigel Kearse
Cllr Nigel Manning
Cllr John Tonks


Cllr Andrew Gomm
Cllr Mrs Pat Scott

The function of the committee is set out below:

PLANNING – (Average 24 meetings Per Annum)

The Parish Council is not a Planning Authority, but under the Local Government Act 1972 is able to make observations to the Planning Authority upon applications in its Parish.

Activities and Matters to Report

Administration, Consideration of Planning Applications, Consideration of GBC Local Plan, Consideration of SCC Structure Plan, Consideration of Related Legislation, Submission of Observation to GBC, Consideration of Planning Appeals, Representation at Planning Appeals.


Planning Register, Planning Applications Plans, Local Maps.


All planning meetings start at 6.30pm, plans are on view from 6.00pm. Any plans can be viewed in the council offices by contacting the offices and making an appointment.