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Services A-Z

Ash Parish Council aim to provide you with a high quality and good value service as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

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Access for the Disabled

Our offices have three disabled parking spaces next to the main entrance; our building was designed with the disabled in mind and has won an award for this.


We are responsible for 73 Allotments plots on 2 sites within the parish:
Shawfield Road 4.00 Acres (66 Plots)
Harpers Road 0.75 Acres (7 Plots)


The Parish Council have two courts available for hire in the Ash Centre.


A court is available free of charge at Carrington Recreation Ground.

Bus Shelters

We are responsible for all the bus shelters throughout the parish, but Adshell Ltd maintains them on behalf of the Council.

Car Parks

We provide four car parks in the parish, all are free of charge and are situated at:
Ash Common Recreation Ground
Carrington Recreation Ground
Coronation Gardens
Harpers Recreation Ground


We own and manage Ash Cemetery on Ash Church Road, for more details see the cemetery page. We also own the Ash Cemetery Chapel which, after restoration and conversion,has been leased to the Ash & District History Museum, for more details please click here.


There are twelve elected representatives covering the Parish of Ash. Please go to relevant page for more details on parish, borough, and county councillors.

Disabled Access

Key Scheme (RADAR) for access to toilets for disabled people. Disabled Badge Holders can obtain keys for free from Guildford Borough Council or can buy them from the Ash Parish Council office.

Dog Warden

To report a stray dog visit . This service is operated by Guildford Borough Council.


The Council are responsible for drainage on Parish Council land only.

Football Pitches

The Council has football pitches for hire at both Harpers and Carrington Recreation Grounds.

Grass Cutting

Guildford Borough Council are responsible for all grass verges in the Parish.

Ground Maintenance

Our Ground Maintenance Team maintain all land owned by the Parish including the cemetery.

Hanging Baskets

Our Ground Maintenance Team install and maintain the hanging baskets throughout the Parish.

Leisure Facilities

Various halls are available for hire in the Ash Centre.

Open Spaces

The Parish Council are responsible for the following open spaces:
Ash Common Recreation Ground, Ash Hill Road – 3.74 Acres
Ashley Park, Lea Close – 0.25 Acres
Carrington Recreation Ground, Lysons Avenue, Ash Vale – 20.00 Acres
Harpers Recreation Ground, Guildford Road – 5.00 Acres
Shawfield Recreation Ground, Shawfield Road – 5.23 Acres
Coronation Gardens, Ash Hill Road – 3.00 Acres

Parks and Countryside

Ash Parish Council owns land that is used for sports pitches, recreation areas, parks and allotments.


Ash Parish Council receive copies of Planning Applications relating to the Parish of Ash. Planning applications are considered at different times than Guildford Borough Council, to find out when an application is being considered by the Ash Parish Council Planning Committee please telephone the office on (01252) 328287.

Residents can now check planning applications in the comfort of their own home via Guildford Borough Council’s web site. The online database contains a list of planning applications received by the council and viewers can search for the applications they are interested in by: case number, location, case officer or committee date. To search for an application please click: Planning Application Search


Ash Parish Council manage and maintain five playgrounds in the following areas:
Ash Common Recreation Ground, Ash Hill Road
Ashley Park, Lea Close
Carrington Recreation Ground, Vale Road
Harpers Recreation Ground, Guildford Road
Shawfield Recreation Ground, Shawfield Road

Public Conveniences

Ash Parish Council are responsible for cleaning and maintaining the public toilets in the parish:
Ash Common Recreation Ground

Recycling Sites

There are three recycling facilities in the parish; Carrington Recreation Ground, Coronation Gardens and at the Football Ground. For more information see our Recycling page

Short Tennis

The Parish Council has two courts available for hire in the Ash Centre.

Street Lighting

The Parish Council are responsible for most of the street lighting in the parish, except for main roads which are the responsibility of Surrey County Council.


Two hard courts are available for free at Carrington Lane Recreation Ground.

War Memorial

The Parish Council maintain the war memorial and gardens on Ash Hill Road.