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Surrey Clubs for Young People

Surrey Clubs for Young People

Ash and Ash Vale Youth Club

Surrey Clubs for Young People (SCYP) is supporting the local Ash and Ash Vale community in reopening its youth club. We’re really pleased to say that after some proactive and successful community engagement we have already recruited eight volunteers and are in the process of inductions and training.  We have applied for and are currently awaiting funding to set up the basketball games at the club when it opens.

The club will continue to need the support of the local community to offer a safe environment where young people can meet up, make new friends and participate in a range of worthwhile activities to build confidence and life skills. Youth clubs are not just about ‘getting kids off the streets’ they are an opportunity for communities and individuals to give peer support and act as the positive role models that young people both want and need.  Giving them the abilities that they require as they go on to lead productive, happy lives and become giving members of their communities.

You can find information about our volunteering programme and the work that SCYP does across the county on our website

We welcome the local community to be part of this exciting venture and join us in making a positive and vital contribution to Guildford.  Will be announcing an opening date soon and invite you to our Facebook page to keep up to date with club news @sc4yp.

Press Release from Surrey Clubs for Young People.