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When did you last see a Hedgehog?

When did you last see a Hedgehog?

There are now fewer than 1 million hedgehogs thought to be left in Britain. That’s a staggering 20 million drop in their numbers since 1950, mainly due to the over-tidying of parks and gardens, removal of hedgerows, use of chemicals, loss of green space to development and road casualties.

you can help the Surrey Wildlife Trust by telling them if you have seen a hedgehog by clicking the link below. This will help Surrey Wildlife Trust to create a virtual map of hedgehog hotspots across Surrey and provide a better understanding as to where they are found, where they have disappeared and what we can do to help them.

Once you have sent your sighting to Surrey Wildlife Trust they will e-mail you tips and advice so that you can start helping local hedgehogs, PLUS a handy 16 page Hedgehog Guide.

To report your sighting, which should only take a minute please click Hedgehog Sighting