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World War I Peace Commemoration Tea Towel

World War I Peace Commemoration Tea Towel

To Commemorate the 100th anniversary of Peace Day, which took place on the 19th July 1919, Ash Parish Council have commissioned a Commemoration Tea Towel. Peace Day commemorated the official end to World War I.

The Tea Towel was designed by local artist John Hurr for the Parish Council. To view the Tea Towel click here

The Tea Towel is now on sale from the Parish Council Reception at a cost of £3.00 per tea towel, all proceeds from the sale of the tea towels will go to local charities.

The Tea Towel was first on display at the Ash Parish Council Village Fete on Saturday 20th July 2019. It is now on sale at the Ash Parish Council Reception, Ash Hill Road, Ash.

NOTE: The actual Tea Towel is blue on white and not due to technical reasons black on white as depicted above.