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Waste Collecting and Recycling

Waste Collecting and Recycling

Residential waste is collected from homes weekly by Guildford Borough Council. Click here and enter your postcode to find out what day your bins are collected.

Food7 DaysGreen Caddy Bin (Outdoor)
Small Silver Caddy (Indoor)
Refuse14 DaysBlack bin
Recycling14 DaysGreen Bin
Garden Waste (Optional)14 DaysBrown Bin
(Additional Annual Change)
Click here to view the Bin Collection Calendar…

If your property is not designated a wheeled bin, recycling and black sacks are issued in accordance with the Recycling and Refuse Services Customer Charter.

Excess Waste

If you can’t fit everything into your upcoming Refuse or Recycling collection, then you have many options.

Additional Recycling

You can put additional recycling next to your recycling collection provided it is presented in an appropriate manner.  Cardboard must be broken down and secured next to your recycling collection. Other items that would usually be put in recycling bins can also be placed in small plastic carrier bags for side waste collection but black sacks won’t be taken.


Batteries of all kinds can be placed into transparent plastic bags and placed on or near your recycling collection. Please do not put them in any bin or sack as batteries sent to landfill can release harmful metals and chemicals which can endanger wildlife and is hazardous to humans.


The following permitted items can be placed into small plastic bags and placed next to your waste collection each week.

Yes PleaseNo Thanks
All clothes including underwear and socksSingle Shoes
Pairs of Shoes (no singular)Stuffed items such as cushions and duvets
Accessories like belts and bagsDirty & Unwashed Items
All home textiles, including towels and sheetsDuvets and Pillows
 Large sacks of items (small carrier bags only)

Small Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE)

Guildford Borough Council will collect “WEEE” items that fit into a carrier bag left next to your recycling or rubbish wheeled bin on your collection day. TVs, computer monitors or microwaves will not be collected as they must be taken to a Community Recycling Centre.

Yes PleaseNo Thanks
KettlesLarge electrical items
Hair DryersMicrowaves
StraightenersWhite goods
Game Consoles 
Clocks, Alarms & Watches 

What Goes In Which Bin?

Green Bin

If you often have too much recycling you can request a second recycling bin, there is no charge for this! You can do this by the GBC Customer Services Centre at or call them on 01483 505050.

Yes PleaseNo Thanks
Paper and cardGeneral waste
Newspapers and magazinesBlack bags
Glass bottles and jars (all colours)Expanded polystyrene
Empty food and drink tins and cansBubble wrap
Empty aerosol cansLight bulbs
Clean foil and foil traysHard plastic, such as plastics toys or garden furniture
Plastic bottles, tubs, pots and traysKitchen paper or tissues
Plastic carrier bagsCrisp packets or sweet wrappers
Cartons for food and drinkPlastic film (cling film)
Plastic and metal lids, caps and topsNappies
 Drinking glasses, crockery and Pyrex
 Paint tins
 Garden waste
 Anything else not included on the ‘yes please list’

Black Bin

Households with five or more people living permanently (including children) may apply for an additional refuse bin. Exceptions may also be granted if a member of the household has a medical conditional resulting in excess non-recyclable waste.

Yes PleaseNo Thanks
Anything that can’t be put into your green wheeled bin or not excludedAsbestos, soil, rubble or building material
 Gas canisters
 Paint cans
 Garden waste

Brown Bin (Garden Waste Collection Scheme)

If you do not want to compost your garden waste or do not wish to transport it to a Community Recycling Centre then for an annual fee, you can pay for fortnightly collections.

To enter the scheme please visit

Yes PleaseNo Thanks
Organic garden wasteOver 50kg
 Plastics including plastic sacks
 Food products

A contaminated container will not be emptied. Once resolved, the bin may be placed out for the next scheduled collection as trucks will not return to collect it before when the container was contaminated.

Food Waste

The silver 5 litre caddy is designed to be kept in your kitchen. The green 23 litre caddy is designed to be kept outside. Food waste caddy should be presented next to your wheeled bin for collection.

You can line your caddy with plastic bags purchased on a roll, old carried bags, food packaging bags (e.g. bread bag) or newspaper.

Yes PleaseNo Thanks
Meat and fish – raw and cooked including bones                Food packaging that belongs in your recycle bin
All shells from shellfish, nuts and eggs                                 Black bin liners
All dairy products such as eggs and cheese                        Liquids
Raw and cooked vegetable and fruitOil or liquid fat
Bread, cake and pastries 
Rice, pasta and beans 
Leftover, mouldy or expired food 
Tea bags and tea and coffee grounds 

To order a new food waste caddy you can contact or visit the Ash Parish Council Office.

The facilities at these CRC vary between each site, please check the site page before you visit. The opening times vary throughout the year and are published online.

Author & Images by Cllr John Tonks