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Ash “Virtually” in Bloom

Ash “Virtually” in Bloom

Ash Parish Council regularly holds an annual competition called “Ash in Bloom”. Members of the public are invited to submit their gardening skills for judging. An independent Judge attends the locations of all entrants and all prize winners are invited to a presentation evening at the Ash Centre, where prizes are won!

This year however, we are going to hold an Ash “Virtually” in Bloom. The competition is still free to enter however this year entries are to be photographed and submitted by email.

Entrance Criteria:

  • The photo must be taken in 2020 and within Ash Parish.
  • It must be of your plants/pots or you must have the permission of the owner.
  • It must have no persons within the photograph.


Following a trial using our Rainbows Over Ash completion, the residents of Ash Parish are going to Judge this year’s Ash in Bloom. All photos are going to be placed on the Ash Parish website and when judging begins, a link will be posted to complete an online survey. There are prizes to be won for those that are judged to be the best in each of the classes. We are once again grateful to Dover Garage who are again sponsoring the event this year

Entrance Categories

In recognition that access to garden supplies has been more difficult this year, we have made some new categories. Remember it’s the public that decides!

  • Best Disaster – Have fun with this!
  • Best Tub/Container – This could be a Decorated Pot with or without flowers!
  • Best Vegetable Patch.
  • Best Garden Illustration – No matter your age or skill, if you would like to draw a garden in bloom then please send a photo of your drawing.
  • Best Border Display.
  • Best Hanging Basket.

How To enter

To enter, simply take a photo and email it to with the following information. The Subject line should be the category to be entered, and everyone may submit multiple entries to different categories

  • Subject: <Category>
  • First Name:
  • Last Name:
  • Postal Address:
  • Email Address:
  • Photo: <Attached>


The Competition is now open, please submit your entries by 5 August 2020. Once all the entries are online the judging will begin and everyone will be invited to judge. Please pass around to your friends and neighbours!